Acinetas growing in the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Acinetas at the Atlanta Bot. Garden; photo by N. Rach

Acineta Culture

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Edited 12 April 2007

Acinetas grow as robust epiphytic (occasionally lithophytic) plants ranging from central Mexico to Ecuador. They normally grow epiphytically in wet, montane forest, but are occasionally found as terrestrials on steep embankments, at altitudes of 800 to 2000+ m.

Acineta foliage resembles the large, plicate leaves of Stanhopea and Lycaste, but the flowers are more similar to Peristeria, in that the side-lobes of the lip are joined by a central callus. Additionally, the hypochile (basal part) of the lip is long, at least as long as the sidelobes. Acinetas bear many-flowered, pendent racemes; so basket culture is recommended, in moist, intermediate to cool conditions.

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