Jennyella sanderi photo by Ecuagenera Type species: Jennyella sp.


The Genus Jennyella

Lückel & Fessel

Edited 7 August 2008
© Nina Rach




The genus Jennyella was established in 1999 by Lückel & Fessel, revised from plants earlier attributed to the genus Houlletia by .

The genus is named in honor of Rudolph Jenny, Swiss botanist and taxonomist.

The species:

Jennyella clarae (Schltr. 1924) Lückel & Fessel 1999

Jennyella kalbreyeriana (Kraenzl.) Lückel & Fessel

Jennyella lowiana (Rchb.f.) Lückel & Fessel 1999
[Perú and Bolivia]

Jennyella sanderi (Rolfe 1910) Lückel & Fessel 1999
Yellow flowers; photo above by Ecuagenera.

Jennyella wallisii (Linden & Reichenbach f. 1869) Lückel & Fessel 1999
[eastern slopes of Andes in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru]

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Online References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI]

Flora of Panama [MOBOT]

AIO Web: Jennyella sanderi photo.

Wolfgand Renner's "Orchid Collection", with a photo of L. bicolor.

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