Schlimia alpina photo by Darrin of Mountain Orchids

Schlimia alpina photo by Darrin

The Genus Schlimia

Planchon & Linden

Edited 27 April 2007
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This genus was named for orchid collector Louis Schlim, Jean Linden's cousin. Schlim collected with N. Funck for Linden in Venezuela and Colombia. There are fewer than ten cool-growing Andean species, four of which are endemic to Ecuador. The type species is Schlimia jasminodora, described by Planchon & Linden in Flower Garden 1852. Abbreviated ___.

Culture: Grows as an epiphyte in wet forest from 800-2000 meters. Cultivate under moist, intermediate conditions.

The eight species:
Schlimia alpina Rchb.f. & Warsc., Bonplandia (1854). [Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru]
1,500-3,000 m. Cool-grower!

Schlimia condorana Dodson, Icon. Pl. Trop. 6: t. 582. 1989. [Ecuador]
- Found at 1500-2000 m elevation in Zamoraa-Chinchipe provinces of Andean Ecuador. Endemic.

Schlimia garayana H.R. Sweet, Orquideologia 8(1): 8, f.. 1973. [Ecuador - Azuay]
- Found at 1500-2000m elevation in Azuay Prrovince of Andean Ecuador. Endemic.

Schlimia jasminodora Planchon & Linden, Paxton's Flower Garden (1852). [Costa Rica to Colombia]

Schlimia jennyana Luckel, Orchidee (Hamburg) 41: 68 (1990). [Peru]

Schlimia pandurata Schlechter, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 7: 159 (1920). [Colombia]

Schlimia stevensonii Dodson, Selbyana 7(2-4): 356. 1984. [Ecuador]
- Found at 1000-1500 m elevation in Pichinccha Province, Ecuador. Endemic. Named for F.L. Stevenson, American orchidist, AOS Judge, and Past-President of the AOS.

Schlimia trifida Rchb.f., Gardeners Chronicle n.s. 6: 708 (1876). [Colombia]
Image by Grinfeder

AOS award:
Schlimia garayana 'Sharon' CBR/AOS (hort. syn. trifida),
in: Awards Quarterly Vol. 31 - No. 1 - March 2000, p. 56 (color photo).

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Lou Jost's Condor report, "Orchids of the High Cordillera del Condor," online, at: Tinkimintz Expedition (840m)-- "Several plants of Schlimia condorana were also found here. This species, previously known from only two specimens, is restricted to the province of Zamora, though not strictly to the Cordillera del Condor." (southern Ecuador)

Peruvian Orchids by Carlos Hajek

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