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Edited 16 September 2004

From time to time I will offer flasks of particularly rare stanhopeas so that they can become more widely grown. Flasks contain 30+ healthy seedlings, ready to put into community pots. Can ship seedlings in flask worldwide, or deflasked to US addresses only. Limited supply!

Stanhopea posadae [webpage]
Wonderful Colombian endemic species, newly described in 1993. Selfing of a very select clone with good form and color. Flowers soft gold, dorsal sepal and petals covered with large red brown spots. Epichile glossy white with dusting of chocolate speckles. Lovely. US $100 + shipping.

Stanhopea florida [webpage]
Pretty Ecuadoran species (also listed for Colombia and Peru). Selfing of a nice yellow form with uniform red speckles, large flowers (15 cm NS). The yellow form of this species has not yet been awarded by the AOS, but there are two awards to the cream color form (CBR in 1983; HCC in 2003). US $75 + shipping.

Stanhopea inodora [webpage]
Selfing of the non-spotted form. Sepals and petals pale yellow with green overlay, hypochile bright orange and yellow, epichile pale yellow to cream.

Delivery available (pre-orders only) at the following events:
18 Sept 2004: Mid-America Orchid Congress Fall Show, Nashville, Tennessee.
1-3 Oct 2004: Trinidad & Tobago Orchid Society Show, Port au Prince, Trinidad.
22-23 Oct 2004: SWROGA Fall Show, Shreveport, Louisiana.
as well as a few other shows throughout the US.
23-27 Feb 2005: Amsterdam.
9-10 March 2005: 18th World Orchid Conference, Dijon, France.

Pick up available in the Netherlands after Oct 23, 2004, IF orders are placed before Oct. 16.

For more information, contact Nina Rach at Autre Vie Orchids, e-mail:

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