Stanhopea Hidden Agenda

(insignis x posadae)

Edited 15 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea Hidden Agenda 'Orange Fire'; photo by Doug Pulley

Another eyecatching hybrid made by Doug Pulley, Los Gatos, California, and registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 2004. the lip is very heavy and glossy. The sepals and petals are rich yellow with burgundy spots. T he lip is deeply colored, very heavy, and glossy. Note the exceptionally dark, winged column.

Photo at left of Stanhopea Hidden Agenda 'Orange Fire' by Doug Pulley.

Related hybrids by Doug Pulley include:
Stanhopea Nirvana (posadae x martiana), registered in 2003.

Stanhopea Thunder Bird (insignis x nigroviolacea), registered in 2003.

Stanhopea Solar Flare (posadae x tricornis), registered in 2002.

See the webpage on Stanhopea Hybrids.

Stanhopea Hidden Agenda 'April Fool'; photo by Doug Pulley



In August 2005, Doug Pulley said that he was attempting to breed a very dark flower when he made Stanhopea Thunder Bird (insignis x nigroviolacea). He wanted to combine the "very dark column of the insignis with the solid dark maroon sepals of nigroviolacea 'Black Tiger'." Doug said that Stanhopea Hidden Agenda is more successful in this respect and he's more excited about its potential now that it has started blooming out. Photo at right of Stanhopea Hidden Agenda 'April Fool'.



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