Stanhopea Princess Diana

( lietzei x grandiflora)

Edited 15 April 2003
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea Princess Diana by Nina Rach

Stanhopea Princess Diana

This hybrid was registered with the R.H.S. by Doug Pulley in 1997.


Photo at left by Nina Rach, of a seedling blooming for the first time. Two flowers on one infloresence, opened on 11 April 2003. The flowers were pleasantly fragrant, with a spicy citrus scent.

Note that the shape of the lip is reminiscent of the lietzei parent, with a globular hypochile, rather than the flat, straight, boat-shaped hypochile of grandiflora. The horns are also derived from lietzei.

The hypochile is colored only on the interior; comprising ruby and orange vertical stripes. This patterning is occasionally seen in certain clones of grandiflora The epichile and column are attractively stippled with ruby.

Measurements: Natural spread: 13cm, 10cm vertical; dorsal sepal 2.7cm x 7.3cm vert.; petals 1.9cm x 6.2cm vert.; lateral sepals 4.0cm x 7.1cm vert.; lip 2.5cm x 6.1cm vert.

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