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Edited 18 August 2001

Here are some links to other pages of interest to Stanhopea aficionados. Please let me know if have any other suggestions.

Stanhopea fragrance chart

Google Gallery of Stanhopeas - 196 and counting!
The Stanhopea Gallery at OASIS - The Journal

Stanhopea collection from Mendel University (The Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, Czech Republic)

R.J. Hartley's Stanhopea Pages, Foxdale Orchid Nursery

The Stanhopeinae SkunkWorks and SB's Stanhopinae page

Stanhopeas An Enduring Passion by Peter Poot

Stanhopea (Orchidaceae), A Gallery of Stanhopeas (text in Greek)

dmoz Open Directory Project - Stanhopea category

The Genus Coryanthes, by Dr. Guenter Gerlach

Google Gallery of Coryanthes - 136 and counting...
Brazilan Orchids, by Hideto Yamassaki

Peruvian Orchids, by Carlos Hajek

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