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Edited 13 August 2001

Note: Barney Greer's book on Stanhopeas is now widely available outside Australia.
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The Australian Orchid Foundation is selling the remaining copies of Barney Greer's authoritive book, The Astonishing Stanhopeas, with a special deal for overseas orchid growers. Barney Greer is a leading authority on this genus and a superb photographer. The book is an excellent photographic reference with details of each species and photograph mostly one per page, and in full colour. It is a handy size, about 8" x 5". The book is on special for a limited time for US$20, which includes airmail delivery worldwide. Orders can be sent to:
(a) Colin Hamilton =
(b) Mr Gerald McCraith, Australian Orchid Foundation, 107 Roberts Street, Essendon, Vic. 3040, Australia phone/fax +61-3-9379 3570.
Payment by Visa or Mastercard. Please supply: Name and full address, card number, expiry date, and cardholders name as it appears on the card.


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