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26 September 2011: New species added: Stanhopea tolimensis, published by Günter Gerlach in: Orquideologia 26(2):145 (144-153; figs.) Dec 2009.

24 August 2011: "Die Stanhopeinae eine Neubewertung nach 30 Jahren Forschungsarbeit / 30 Years Investigating Stanhopinae" by Günter Gerlach, presentation at International Botanical Congress, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia

18 May 2009: Stanhopea Uli Paterny (martiana x oculata) blooming in Houston.

15 May 2009: Linda Wilhelm, Woodland Orchids, speaking on "The Magnificent Stanhopea" at the Redland International Orchid Festival, held at the Fruit & Spice Park, Homestead, Florida.

6 April 2009: Added literature references - spent day at BRIT library - Botanical Tesearch Institute of Texas, Fort Worth.

18 November 2008: Updated page for Stanhopea whittenii.

2 Oct 2008: Stanhopea wardii voted Best Species at Houston Orchid Society meeting. Photo.

14 August 2008: New page for Stanhopea Zombie (tricornis x intermedia).

30 July 2008: Updates to The Genus Embreea.

21 July 2008: Updates to The Genus Houlletia.

20 January 2008: New AOS awards to Stanhopeas added.

18 Jan 2008: Added new photos of Stanhopea horichiana from Kelvin Bush, UK.

5 Oct 2007: Added 21 new stanhopea hybrids to the list, registered by RJ Hartley, Kelvin Bush, and "Bagby." If you're out there, Bagby, please get in touch. Added links for all the natural hybrids and posted a new photo of Stanhopea x fowlieana, recently awarded in Houston.

31 May 2007: Updated literature list and started new pages for: Stanhopea x herrenhusana; Stanhopea x horichiana (with photo); Stanhopea leucochila; Stanhopea longipes; Stanhopea novogaliciana; and Stanhopea randii.

22 May 2007: Added refs to many genera pages to Edward Sprague Rand's 1876 book on orchid culture.

16 May 2007: New page added for: Stanhopea pseudoradiosa; new photos for Stanhopea intermedia.

15 May 2007: New photos added for: Stanhopea confusa, Stanhopea napoensis

10 May 2007: New page added for: Stanhopea x thienii.

9 May 2007: New pages added for: Stanhopea carchiensis, Stanhopea confusa, Stanhopea hajekii, Stanhopea naurayi, and Stanhopea quadricornis.

12 April 2007: Stanhopea florida seedlings throwing spikes from 4-inch pots in Houston. Slow going, but making some progress getting this site reconfigured. New webpage for Stanhopea marizaiana.

2 March 2007: Updates to some files. Still fixing broken links.

1 Feb 2007: We have switched the URL to ... thanks for your collective patience during the move.

3 August 2006: Added new AOS awards given to Stanhopeas.

3 April 2006: Updated culture page links.

2 Feb 2006: New registered hybrids added.

3 Nov 2005: Added new reference, "Especies de El Salvador," from the Asociación Salvadoreña de Orquideología, Updated ref's for Acineta chrysantha, Gongora cassidea, Lacaena bicolor, Laecana spectabilis, Stanhopea costaricensis, Stan. graveolens, Stan. oculata, Stan. saccata.

24 Oct 2005: Updated the genus Houlletia.

23 Oct 2005: Updated webpage on Stanhopea platyceras.

5 Oct 2005: New webpage for Stanhopea bolivarensis.

16 August 2005: New webpages for Stanhopea Thunder Bird (insignis x tigrina), and Stanhopea schilleriana. Updates for Stanhopea radiosa and Stanhopea tricornis.

11 July 2005: New webpage for the genus Houlletia.

8 July 2005: New photos of what appears to be a cream-colored, unspotted form of Stanhopea costaricensis, grown by Daniel Jiminez in Costa Rica.

19 May 2005: New photos for Sievekingia, thanks to Patricia Harding and Eric Hunt.

17 March 2005: New Peruvian stanhopea species: Stanhopea manriqueii Jenny & Nauray 2004, in: Lankesteriana 4(2): 109.

11 March 2005: Updated the genus Lacaena.

18 Feb. 2005: Updates for the genus Kegeliella.

29 Dec 2004: New webpage for the genus Kegeliella.

17 Sept 2004: Updated the award list, hybrid list (see new Coryhopea from Carter & Holmes), and Coryhopea Off the Wall (blooming now in Houston).

9 Sept 2004: Added new stanhopea flask list (posadae, florida, inodora). Updated pages for Stanhopea saccata and Stanhopea radiosa.

20 July 2004: New page on Stanhopea Pollination. Updates for Stanhopea maculosa and Stanhopea radiosa

8 July 2004: New photo of Stanhopea xytriophora from Kelvin Bush. Updated the Stanhopea stamps page, with new listings and a new photo.

29 March 2004: New photos of Stanhopea reichenbachiana. Added Jenny's new publication (Part 1) in Caesiana 21 to the literature list.

24 Feb. 2004: Additional photo of Stanhopea maduroi; plant awarded at the Latin American Orchid Congress in Quito, Ecuador, Feb. 4, 2004.

30 Jan. 2004: Updated page for Stanhopea reichenbachiana

26 Jan. 2004: Updated page for Stanhopea dodsoniana

23 Jan. 2004: Updated page for the genus Lueddemannia, and the list of literature.

19 Jan. 2004: Updated pages for: Acineta, Embreea, Lacaena, Lueddemannia, Schlimmia, and Sievekingia.

16 Jan. 2004: New photomicrographs of seed for Stanhopea posadae and for Stanhopea florida, by Lacey Powell at Meyers Conservatory.

13 Jan. 2004: New page for Stanhopea posadae. Updated Stanhopea tricornis.

5 December 2003: Additions to and corrections within the list of stanhopea sources.

3 December 2003: Added newly registered hybrids, and updated the page on Stanhopea costaricensis.

18 Sept 2003: Updated the Genus Acineta.

5 Sept 2003: New pages for Stanhopea maculosa Knowles & Westch. and for Stanhopea whittenii Soto Arenas, Salazar & G.Gerlach, both native to Mexico.

4 Sept 2003: New page for the genus Lueddemannia.

3 Sept 2003: New page for the newly published species, Stanhopea marizaiana Jenny 2003 and a page for the closely related <Stanhopea deltoidea.

1 Sept 2003: New photos for Stanhopea shuttleworthii and updates to Stanhopea insignis

18 Aug 2003: Additions to Stanhopea nigroviolacea; new photo of Stanhopea cirrhata for the Stanhopea "primitives" page; and updated the Literature list.

10 July 2003: New page for Stanhopea pulla; updated Stanhopea wardii and the Literature list.

7 July 2003: New photos and links for Stanhopea panamensis.

19 June 2003: Updated Literature list; added notes from Pabst & Dungs, vol. 2 and AOS awards to individual species pages for Stan. grandiflora and Stan. oculata.

1 June 2003: New photo of Stanhopea Assidensis.

20 May 2003: New page for Stanhopea peruviana.

28 April 2003: Edited Stanhopea nigroviolacea and the Acknowledgments

14 April 2003: Added photos of what I believe to be Stanhopea ospinae; new page for an unidentified orange stanhopea species from Colombia, possibly Stanhopea impressa. Comments welcome.

12 April 2003: New page for Stanhopea Princess Diana and updates to Stanhopea lietzei and the Literature.

3 April 2003: Updates to Stanhopea anfracta; Stanhopea candida; Stanhopea connata; Stanhopea ecornuta; Stanhopea haselowiana; Stanhopea jenishiana; Stanhopea martiana; Stanhopea moliana. Updates to the lists of Stanhopea Hybrids and Stanhopea Awards, and additional references for the list of Literature

23 March 2003: updates to Stanhopea grandiflora; Stanhopea wardii; and the list of Literature

10 March 2003: updates to Stanhopea nigripes; Stanhopea pozoi; and the lists of Hybrids and Awards.

19 Feb 2003: additions to Stanhopea cirrhata.

6 February 2003: Stanhopea anfracta added to the Index Kewensis and the Gray Card Index!

2 February 2003: Updated the Genus Gongora.

30 January 2003: Updates to Stanhopea radiosa Lemaire; and a new page for Stanhopea x lewisae.

24 January 2003: Revision of Stanhopea anfracta Rolfe. New additions to Literature and Events.

20 November 2002: Updates to Stanhopea impressa, Stanhopea connata, and new references added to the Literature list.

24 Sept 2002: New material for Stanhopea insignis and Stanhopea nigripes.

6 August 2002: Added new references to the Literature list.

17 July 2002: New page for Stanhopea ospinae.

6 July 2002: Amended all email contacts throughout site.

4 July 2002: Added new hybrid registrations from the R.H.S. Supplement of New Orchid Hybrids, "March-May 2002 Registrations".

15 June 2002: Received award on Stanhopea Assidensis 'Autre Vie' HCC/AOS 79 pts (tigrina x wardii) at the Houston Judging Center.

10 May 2002: New photo of Stanhopea gibbosa, by Greg Allikas.

6 May 2002: Update to Stanhopea connata and additions to the Literature.

25 April 2002: Updates to the Literature; Stanhopea connata, and to Stanhopea gibbosa.

24 April 2002: New page for the genus Lacaena.

23 April 2002: Update and new image for the genus Cirrhaea.

22 April 2002: New image of Stanhopea insignis (type species), and additions to the Literature.

2 April 2002: New images of Stanhopea connata, and additions to the Literature.

10 March 2002: Updating URL links throughout the site.

21 Feb 2002: Updates to the Literature; Stanhopea saccata; Stanhopea shuttleworthii; Stanhopea tigrina; Stanhopea tricornis; Stanhopea wardii; and Stanhopea warscewicziana.

19 Feb 2002: New page for Stanhopea anfracta.

6 Feb 2002: Additions to the Acineta page.

5 Feb 2002: Additions to the page for Stanhopea intermedia.

19 Dec 2001: New page for Stanhopea dodsoniana.

29 Nov 2001: New photos and award info for Stanhopea nigripes.

18 Sept 2001: Additions to the genus pages for Acineta; Gongora; Sievekingia; and Soterosanthus.

27 Aug 2001: Edited Stanhopea annulata (blooming now in Houston, along with Stanhopea Ronsard).
Added photo of Stanhopea Spindleriana to hybrid listing.

24 Aug 2001: Added award for Stanhopea Ronsard and several changes to the Awards page.
Stanhopea grandiflora and Stanhopea saccata blooming in Houston.

18 Aug 2001: Added two new images of Stanhopea jenishiana; new references for Stan. ruckeri and Stan. wardii.

16 Aug 2001: New page for Stan. haselowiana; edited Stan. moliana.

13 Aug 2001: Barney Greer's book on sale; order directly from Australia; see the Literature Sources.

11 Aug 2001: Added some interesting notes to the Discussion page from Dr. Thomas Pátkai, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary; edited Stan. hernandezii page. In bud in Houston: Stanhopea Ronsard.

2 Aug 2001: Updates to Stanhopea jenishiana page.

1 Aug 2001: New page for Stanhopea napoensis; additions to the Links page and the AOS Awards list.

30 July 2001: Added a new page for Embreea rodigasiana; edited hybrid list. Blooming in Houston: Stanhopea wardii

27 July 2001: Added three photos of Stanhopea hernandezii from Pedro Glucksmann. Added a 19thC litho of Stanhopea velata to the Stanhopea martiana page. Added two lithos to the Stanhopea graveolens page.

21 July 2001: Enhanced page for Stanhopea ecornuta. Blooming in Houston: Stanhopea Assidensis.

19 July 2001: Added a new page for the hybrid Stanhopea Bellearensis. Added a new Guest Book as the previous one stopped accepting messages as of 19 Nov 2000. Saved the old msgs to an archive file.

18 July 2001: Added a new page for the genus Schlimmia. Updated Acineta; Updated Culture Page; added photos by Darin Norton, Mountain Orchids in Vermont.

16 July 2001: Added geoguides.

9 July 2001: Fixed hybrid links; added new images of Stanhopea Assidensis from my collection and from Pedro Glucksmann. Added new link to the Stanhopea pages of Dick Hartley, Foxdale Orchids.

9 June 2001: Updated Links page, Sources page, and Stanhopea shuttleworthii.

5 June 2001: Added new pages for Acineta, Peristeria, Sievekingia, Soterosanthus. Blooming in Houston: Stanhopea Assidensis.

17 May 2001: Added photos of Stanhopea impressa.

11 May 2001: So long, and thanks for all the fish." Author Douglas Adams died today.

5 May 2001: Added four lovely photos of Stanhopea platyceras from Pedro Glucksmann in Caracas, including the new image on the title page.

19-22 April 2001: Blooming in Houston: Stanhopea impressa.

17 April 2001: Additions to the pages on Stanhopea embreei, florida, martiana, and saccata, and changes to the Literature listing.

10 April 2001: Built new page about The Genus Gongora.

9 April 2001: Built new page for Stanhopea Ronsard; added more information to the pages on Stanhopea grandiflora and Stanhopea oculata.

3 April 2001: Several notes added to the Discussion. New page for Stanhopea radiosa.

23 Feb 2001: Apologies to all for such a long hiatus in the evolution of these pages. Today I've added a new image of a Stanhopea hybrid.

2 Nov 2000: New page on the Genus Gongora Ruiz & Pavon; New page on the Genus Sievekingia Rchb. f.; new image for Stan. hernandezii (Kunth) Schlecter; further additions to the Literature list; correction of Glucksmann's "connata" to Stanhopea saccata Bateman.

1 Nov 2000: Additions to the Literature list; added images of Acineta erythroxantha and Dr. Carlos Garcia Esquivel to the Genus page.

19 Oct 2000: Added new award listing for Stanhopea connata 'Ximenez' AM/AOS. Added many new links for allied genera in the Stanhopinae, on the Genus page.

16 Oct 2000: Added two new photos to Stanhopea grandiflora; added an image link for Houlletia.

13 Oct 2000: Added four new photos for Stanhopea saccata Bateman 1839 from Pedro Glucksmann, VZ; fixed the links on the Species page; and added camera icons to designate webpages with photos/illustrations.

11 Oct 2000: Created new page for Stanhopea Love Potion, and fixed the Links page.

9 Oct 2000: Note that Orchidaceous Books has new owners and a new address:
ORCHIDACEOUS BOOKS - Grahame and Margaret Muller, P.O. Box 4192, TINANA, QLD. 4650, Australia
Tel: +61 7 4122 1251 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +61 7 4122 1251      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +61 7 4122 1251      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; Fax +61 7 4122 4539; E-mail:

8 Oct 2000: Added a new photo of Stanhopea warscewicziana Klotzsch 1852 by Pedro Glucksmann and additional information and links to that page. Added a new painting of Stanhopea graveolens Lindley.

5 Oct 2000: Created new pages for Stanhopea Chocolate Chips and Stanhopea Quirky Queen.

27 Sept 2000: Added new images of Stanhopea tricornis Lindley from Pedro Glucksmann.

25 Sept 2000: Added images of S. costaricensis 'Plax' AM/AOS; S. gibbosa 'Milena' CHM/AOS; S. martiana 'Lee Fent' CHM/AOS; and S. Ronsard [from Dave Hunt].

19 Sept 2000: Started a new page for Stanhopea florida Rchb.f.; new images of Stanhopea greerii Jenny by Troy Meyers;
additions to the South American distribution list; new photo on home page of Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea by Troy Meyers.

6 Sept 2000: See new photo of an unidentified stanhopea in the Discussion area.
Added images of Stanhopea annulata Mansfield from Pedro Glucksmann.

5 Sept 2000: New AOS award to hybrid Stanhopea Quirky Queen 'Shooting Star' JC/AOS at San Francisco monthly judging today (Love Potion x wardii). According to the owner, Dr. Doug Pulley, the plant "had two spikes of peloric flowers...The two extra lips are not quite as full form as the real lip. You can tell which one is the real one if all else fails, because it is the one centered under the column, which is never tripled, but can be deformed (at least I have seen that in cattleyas and cymbidiums.)" His new website is Doug Pulley Orchids.

5 Sept 2000: Added notes about the Stanhope Family, the Stanhope family crest and Stanhope Place-names to the Genus page.

2 Sept 2000: Added image of Stanhopea insignis from Curtis, 1829.

29 August 2000: Started a page for Stanhopea ruckeri. Added new images of Stanhopea panamensis from Adam Taylor.

16 August 2000: Additions to the list of AOS Awards; new image added for Stan. jenishiana

15 August 2000: Established new pages for the Distribution of Stanhopea species and natural hybrids and for Stanhopea insignis Frost ex Hooker (images from Bob Goebel). Added images for Stanhopea moliana Rolfe (from Bob Goebel) and Stanhopea nigroviolacea (Morren) Beer (from Pedro Glucksmann of Venezuela). .

14 August 2000: Added new images of Stanhopea embreei Dodson provided by Pedro Glucksman of Venezuela.
Established a new page for Stanhopea annulata Mansfield.

10 August 2000: Established a page for Stanhopea nigroviolacea (Morren) Beer, and added two images, (1) the dark-colored form (supplied by George Norris), and (2) the albescent form, 'Greenleaf Gold'.

9 August 2000: Posted new images of Stanhopea greerii Jenny, and Stanhopea maduroi Dodson & Dressler from David Banks, along with a reprint of the article describing Stan. maduroi from the Australian Orchid Review.
Also posted new images and text for Stanhopea inodora Loddiges ex Lindley, from Ann Herrington and Rodolfo Baca.

8 August 2000: Added a new listing for Stanhopea greerii Jenny, including the original article published in the Australian Orchid Review. Established a new web document for Discussion, and added notes from Ian Chalmers and David P. Banks.

21 July 2000: Added newly registered Stanhopea hybrids from 1999 and 2000. Established a new page for Stanhopea bucephalus.

18 July 2000: Added images of Stanhopea Assidensis and Stanhopea cirrhata, and established a new page for Stanhopea connata.

9 June 2000: Added images of 1962 Stanhopea ecornuta stamp from Nicaragua; image of hand-colored lithograph of Stanhopea bucephalus from William Curtis' Botanical Magazine; chromolithographs of Stanhopea eburnea and Stanhopea wardii from J. Linden's 1886 'Lindenia Iconographie des Orchidees'.

28 Feb 2000: Added OGD entry from Robert Pavlis (26 Jul 1999) to Discussion; added FloraFest Orchids, Australia to list of suppliers.

18 Jan 2000: Added many new website links in the list of commercial sources. Added Review of Barney Greer's book, and added Vreeburg to Acknowledgements.

13 Jan 2000: Rearranged format of front page. Added a philatelic link to the Stamps page.

7 Jan 2000: Added three new images for some Bolivian Stanhopea stamps. Corrected spellings of "Colombia" on species list and a few individual species pages.

7 Dec 99: Removed yahoo watermark script from Stanhopea culture page.

29 Nov 99: New image file for 1988 Cambodian stamps was loaded.

29 Nov 99: Added note from David P Banks to Discussion.

28 Nov 99: Added note from Wm. Paul Mitchell ( on Orchid Guide Digest to Discussion

31 Aug 99: New image files for Stanhopea ecornuta, grandiflora, jenischiana,
martiana, moliana
, and tigrina were loaded.

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