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Stanhopea amoena Klotzsch 1852 [now S. wardii]
Stanhopea anfracta Rolfe 1904 -- Panama, Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia
Stanhopea annulata Mansfield 1938 -- Colombia, Ecuador
Stanhopea aurea Loddiges ex Lindley 1841 [now S. wardii]
Stanhopea avicula Dressler 1989 -- eastern Panama, South America

Stanhopea bolivarensis Mejia & Escobar 1972 -- Colombia
Stanhopea bucephalus Lindley 1832 [now S. oculata]-- Mexico

Stanhopea candida Barb. Rodr. 1877 -- Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador
Stanhopea carchiensis Dodson 1998 -- Ecuador
Stanhopea cavendishii Lindley ex W.Baxt. [now S. tigrina]
Stanhopea cirrhata Lindley 1850 -- Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
Stanhopea confusa G.Gerlach & Beeche 2004 -- Costa Rica
Stanhopea connata Klotzsch 1854 -- Colombia, Perú, Ecuador
Stanhopea costaricensis Rchb.f. 1860 -- Costa Rica, Panama

Stanhopea deltoidea Lemaire 1862 -- Perú
Stanhopea devoniensis Lindley [now S. graveolens Lindley] -- Mexico, Guatemala
Stanhopea dodsoniana Salazar & Soto Arenas 2001 -- Mexico

Stanhopea eburnea Lindley [not accepted by Jenny; see S. grandiflora (Lodd.) Lindley 1832]
Stanhopea ecornuta Lemaire 1846 -- Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, w. Panama
Stanhopea elegantula Rolfe 1910 [now S. saccata]
Stanhopea embreei Dodson 1975 -- Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, The Andes
Stanhopea expansa P.N. Don [now S. tigrina]

Stanhopea florida Rchb.f. 1879 -- Colombia, Perú, Ecuador
Stanhopea x fowlieana Dodson ex Horich 1993 -- Costa Rica
Stanhopea fregeana [now S. maculosa]
Stanhopea frymirei Dodson 1975 -- Ecuador

Stanhopea gibbosa Rchb.f. 1869 -- Nicaragua, Costa Rica
Stanhopea grandiflora (Lodd.) Lindley 1832 -- Trinidad, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, Guianas, Brazil (Amazonas, Para), Ecuador, Perú
Stanhopea graveolens Lindley 1840 -- Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras [prev. S. devoniensis]
Stanhopea greerii Jenny 2000 -- Perú
Stanhopea guttulata Lindley 1843 -- Costa Rica, Panama, Perú, Brazil (Espirito Santo) [now Stan oculata?]

Stanhopea hajekii Dodson & Vásquez 200- [or Ibisch 1996?] -- Bolivia
Stanhopea haselowiana Rchb.f. 1855 -- Perú
Stanhopea x herrenhusana Jenny 1989 -- Colombia (Nat. Hyb., reichenbachiana x tricornis)
Stanhopea hernandezii (Kunth) Schltr. 1918 -- Mexico, Guatemala
Stanhopea x horichiana Jenny 1988 -- Costa Rica (Nat. Hyb., ecornuta x wardii)

Stanhopea implicata Westcott ex Lindley [now S. saccata]
Stanhopea impressa Rolfe 1898 -- Colombia, Ecuador
Stanhopea inodora Loddiges ex Lindley 1870 -- Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua
Stanhopea insignis Frost ex W. Hooker 1829 -- Ecuador, Perú, coastal Brazil (Rio de Janiero, Sao Paolo, Pernambuco, Parana, Santa Catarina & Rio do Sul) *Type Species *
Stanhopea intermedia Klinge 1898 -- [syn. S. wardii var. flava] Mexico, Central America

Stanhopea jenishiana Kramer ex Rchb.f. 1851 -- Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador

Stanhopea leucochila Kraenzlin -- Brazil (see insignis)
Stanhopea x lewisae (Ames & Correll) Horich ex Jenny 1988 (1942) -- Guatemala [Nat. Hyb., ecornuta x inodora]
Stanhopea lietzei (Regel) Schlechter 1926 -- northern Argentina, coastal Brazil (Rio de Janiero, Sao Paolo, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio do Sul)
Stanhopea longipes [accepted for RHS hybrid registration]
Stanhopea lindleyi Zuccar. 1837 [now S. oculata] -- Mexico
Stanhopea lyncea P.N. Don [now S. tigrina]

Stanhopea macrochila Lemaire 1859 [now S. insignis Frost ex W. Hook] -- Mexico? Perú?
Stanhopea maculosa Knowles et Westcott 1839 -- Mexico
Stanhopea maduroi Dodson & Dressler 1998 -- Panama [previously S. platyceras f. gunnii Jenny]
Stanhopea manriqueii Jenny & Nauray 2004 -- Perú
Stanhopea marizaiana Jenny 2003 -- Perú (Cusco)
Stanhopea marshii Rchb.f. [now S. saccata]
Stanhopea martiana Bateman ex Lindley 1840 -- Mexico
Stanhopea moliana Rolfe 1892 -- Perú

Stanhopea napoensis Dodson 1975 -- Ecuador
Stanhopea naurayi Jenny 2005 -- Perú
Stanhopea nigripes Rolfe 1894 -- Perú
Stanhopea nigroviolacea (Morren) Beer [possibly a subsp/var. of S. tigrina] -- Mexico
Stanhopea novogaliciana S.Rosillo de Velasco 1984-- Mexico

Stanhopea oculata (Lodd.) Lindley 1832 -- Mexico to Brazil
Stanhopea oculata ssp. ornatissima (Lemaire) Dodson 1967 -- Brazil [see Stan. oculata]
Stanhopea ospinae Dodson 1967 -- Colombia

Stanhopea panamensis N.H. Williams & W.M. Whitten 1988 -- Panama, Colombia
Stanhopea peruviana Rolfe 1912 -- Perú
Stanhopea platyceras Rchb.f. 1868 -- Colombia [prev. Stan. madouxiana Cogn.]
Stanhopea posadae Jenny et Braem 2000 -- Colombia
Stanhopea pozoi Dodson & D.E. Bennett 1989 -- Ecuador
Stanhopea pseudoradiosa Jenny & R. González 1997 -- Mexico
Stanhopea pulla Rchb.f. 1877 -- Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia
Stanhopea purpusii Schlecter 1916 [now S. oculata (Lodd.) Lindl.] -- Mexico

Stanhopea quadricornis Lindley 1838 -- Guatemala, Mexico? Venezuela? ["The Spanish Main"]

Stanhopea radiosa Lemaire 1859-1860 -- Mexico
Stanhopea randii Rolfe 1894 -- Brazil, Venezuela, Perú (see candida)
Stanhopea reichenbachiana Roezl ex Rchb.f. 1879 -- Colombia
Stanhopea rodigasiana Claes ex Cogn. 1898 -- now Embreea rodigasiana (Claes ex Cogn.) Dodson 1980 -- Colombia, Ecuador
Stanhopea ruckeri Lindley 1843 -- Mexico, Nicaragua

Stanhopea saccata Bateman 1839 -- Mexico, W. Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica
Stanhopea schilleriana Rchb.f. 18__ -- Colombia
Stanhopea shuttleworthii Rchb.f. 1876 -- Colombia
Stanhopea stevensonii (Meija & Escobar) Jenny 1994 [but no longer accepted by Jenny; see Stan. graveolens Lindley]

Stanhopea tadeasi Haager & Jenik 1984 -- Ecuador [not accepted by Jenny; see Stan. connata Klotzsch]
Stanhopea x thienii Dodson 1980 -- Ecuador
Stanhopea tigrina Bateman ex Lindley 1838 -- Mexico
Stanhopea tolimensis G.Gerlach 2009 -- Colombia
Stanhopea tricornis Lindley 1849 -- Colombia, Ecuador, Perú
Stanhopea tricornis ssp. stenochila Dodson

Stanhopea vasquezii Dodson 1984 -- Bolivia [now S. xytriophora Rchb.f.]
Stanhopea velata Morren [now S. martiana] -- Mexico

Stanhopea wardii Lodd. ex Lindley 1838 -- Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú
Stanhopea warscewicziana Klotzsch 1852 -- Costa Rica
Stanhopea whittenii Soto Arenas, Salazar & G.Gerlach 2002 -- Mexico, Guatemala, Belize

Stanhopea xytriophora Rchb.f. 1868 -- Bolivia, Perú

Unidentified Species:

Orange stanhopea species, Fall-blooming, Colombia

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