Stanhopea Zombie, photo by Nina Rach, Aug. 2007

Stanhopea Zombie

(tricornis x intermedia)

Registered 2002.

Edited 14 August 2008
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea Zombie, photo by Nina Rach

Doug Pulley made this hybrid and registered it with the RHS on 18 Sept 2002. I have one of Doug's seedlings and it flowers each August, with a light fragrance.

The flowers have better form than many stanhopeas - the sepals are broad and only slightly cupped, inherited from the S. tricornis parent. The petals have lesser substance, and do not lie flat with the sepals, but they no longer cup around the lip as we see in S. tricornis. Overall substance is better than S. intermedia, but the flowers do not last as long as S. tricornis. This is partly due to the summertime blooming, in hot weather.

The overall color is a clear, medium yellow, with few to no markings on sepals or petals. The hypochile is pale orange, with a reddish flush inside, toward the top and back. Column, mesochile, and hypochile are ivory to pale yellow. The column is winged, short, appears stubby. the horns are in the same plane as the epichile, wrapping around each side, and they are shorter than both the column and the epichile.

See the page on Stanhopea hybrids.

Photos of two clones below. Photo at left by Nina Rach, August 2008 (Texas). Photo at right by Bruce Blyth (Michigan).

Stanhopea Zombie, photo by Nina Rach, Aug. 2007 Stanhopea Zombie, photo by Bruce Blyth









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Printed References:

List of New Orchid Hybrids, July-September 2002 Registrations, in: RHS Orchid Review, November 2002; Link to .pdf.

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Image of Stanhopea Zombie posted at by a member (Gwallogwyn) in Michigan, 2007.

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