Stanhopea avicula

Dressler 1989

Native to eastern Panama, South America

Edited 16 May 2007

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Originally published in Amer. Orchid Soc. Bull. 58: 885 (-886), figs. 1989.

Discovered in Panama in 1980 around 1500m (4700 ft) elevation by K.R. Reading and R.R. Tasker. It was described by Dressler in 1989 and the holotype is at MOBOT. Named for the tapering epichile with a "bird-head" shape. Flowers are similar to Stanhopea annulata with the same fleshy ring around the hypochile, but S. avicula has smaller flowers of a deeper orange/apricot color. Rare.

Another specimen collected 7 Nov. 1992 and the holotype assembled by Mark Whitten 91407 for the Univ. of Florida herbarium. "Panama: Darien. Cerro Tacarcuna. Elevation about 1500 m; collected by K.R. Reading and R.R. Tasker s.n. and cultivated by R.L. Dressler; plant from which holotype was prepared. Flowered in cultivation at the Univ. of Florida 14 Dec. 1992. Plant and flowers small, resembling S. annulata. Infloresence two-flowered; flowers creamy white, speckled with red."

See the webpage about Primitive Stanhopeas [annulata, avicula, cirrhata, ecornuta, pulla].

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Online references:

University of Florida Herbarium Collections Catalog, Accession # FLAS 181947, specimen collected 7 Nov. 1992 by Mark Whitten 91407. Link

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