Stanhopea bolivarensis

Mejia & R. Escobar 1972

Native to Colombia.

Edited 9 May 2007
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This Colombian species was initially described by Mejia & Rodrigo Escobar in 1972.

In 1994, Rudolf Jenny wrote in Caesiana that it this name was merely a synonym of Stanhopea stevensonii.

Jenny later said that the name Stanhopea stevensonii was invalid, that the plant is actually Stanhopea graveolens Lindley.

Grows cool to cold.






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Rudolf Jenny (1994) "The Gongorinae: 7. Stanhopea: part 13," in: Caesiana 3:17. [Stanhopea avicula, S. guttulata, and Stanhopea stevensonii (Mejia & R.Escobar) ex Jenny 1994 spec.nov.]

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