Stanhopea candida

Barb. Rodr. 1877

Native to Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil

Updated 20 July 2007
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Stanhopea candida from Dr. Guenter Gerlach, Munich Botanical Garden

Original publication: Gen. Sp. Orchid. 1: 101. 1877

This species is native to the Amazonian basin, generally found growing in warm conditions from 0 - 500 m elevation. It is pollinated by the Euglossa ignita bee.





The plant pictured at left is from the Munich Botanic Garden (Botanischer Garten Muenchen).
Digital image courtesy of Dr. Guenter Gerlach, Curator.






Stanhopea candida 'Limrick' CBR/AOS

Stanhopea grandiflora 'Limrick' CBR/AOS (79 pts)

Awarded at the West Palm Beach Judging Center, 1991

Although the photo at right is labeled and was awarded by the AOS at the West Palm Beach judging center as Stanhopea candida, it has since been identified and entered into the Awards Quarterly as Stanhopea grandiflora.

More recently, it has been suggested by Dr. Guenter Gerlach of the Munich Botanic Garden (Botanischer Garten Muenchen) that the cultivar 'Limrick' is actually Stanhopea reichenbachiana. Note the considerable difference in the structure of the lip from the photo of the true Stanhopea candida, above.

The photo at right is from the Orchid Photo Page, taken by Greg Allikas


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Web References:

Stanhopea page from the Peruvian Orchid Club [English version]

Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Ecuador (CVPE) in the W3 TROPICOS database at MOBOT
Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Ecuador was published 30 July 1999 and is available in book form through the Missouri Botanical Garden Press.

Orquideas Colombianas y sus Polinizadores (Colombian Orchids and their Pollinators [Stan. candida = Euglossa ignita bee]

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