Stanhopea florida

Reichenbach f. 1879

Native to Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador

Edited 10 May 2007

Photo of Stanhopea florida flower by Troy Meyers

This species bears very large (up to 15 cm), creamy-white to beige or pale yellow flowers covered with small red spots. The flowers have a scent reminiscent of moth balls.

Two photos at left of the yellow-flowered form, by Troy Meyers. See more at Meyers Conservatory


Below, a photomicrograph of Stanhopea florida seed taken from a mature, dry capsule (photo by Lacey Powell, Meyers Conservatory). Seed in center about 1mm long; embryo about 0.02mm long.


Photo of Stanhopea florida inflorescence by Troy Meyers

Her comments: "Seed is light yellow to the naked eye, and lightweight and easily becomes airborne. Medium sized seeds are balloons, sometimes curved, and have small sized egg-shaped dense embryos centrally located which are 1/4 the length of the seed. About 91% of seeds appear to have good embryos."

Photomicrograph of Stanhopea florida seed by Lacey Powell







AOS Awards

Stanhopea florida 'Evets' CBR/AOS; AQ 15(3): 91P
Awarded 12 Nov 1983, Southern Regional Monthly Judging, Atlanta. Exhibitor: F.L. Stevenson.
Eleven cream flowers with red flecking on two inflorescences; lip with flecking darker and denser near base; flowers rather closely spaced, petals reflexed into a tail, sepal margins rolled back, texture dull except for waxy lip, substance rubbery. Natural spread of flower 10.9 cm; dorsal sepal 3.2 cm wide, 6.9 cm long; petals 1.7 cm wide, 5.1 cm long; lateral sepals 3.6 cm wide, 6.5 cm long; lip 2.4 cm wide, 5.9 cm long.

Photo of Stanhopea florida 'Autre Vie' by Don Ghiz
Stanhopea florida 'Miguel's Gift' HCC/AOS 75 points
Awarded 20 Sept 2003, Houston Judging Center. Exhibitor: Nina Rach
Five flowers and one bud on one inflorescence. Beige form, Ecuador. OIC #14,377.

Photo at right, by Don Ghiz.

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Stanhopea florida from the collection of the Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno, Czech Republic.

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