Stanhopea x fowlieana

(ecornuta x costaricensis)

Jenny 1993

Native to Costa Rica.

Edited 5 October 2007
© Nina Rach

Photo by Dave Hunt, Oct. 2007

This natural hybrid is a cross of Stanhopea ecornuta Lem. (one of the "primitive" hornless stanhopeas) and costaricensis Rchb. f..

The naming is also attributed to Calaway Dodson (ex Horich).

It is named for Dr. Jack A. Fowlie, orchid-grower, adventurer, and long-time editor of the Orchid Digest. The orginal plant went to the San Francisco Arboretum.

The clone shown at left, photographed by Dave Hunt, sepals, petals, and epichile are creamy white with scattered raspberry red spots. The hypochile of the lip is orange-yellow with raspberry spots, and the winged column is translucent ivory tinged green. The mesochile has been shortened, and the horns are shortened and held very close to the margins of the epichile.

Flores de un blanco puro, con puntos color marrón en casi toda el área; ojos marrón, poco definido. Labelo amarillo fuerte con pequeñas manchas marrón.

Note that in some clones, there are no horns at all! Link to Ingrid's photo

AOS award:

Stanhopea x fowlieana 'Veracruz' HCC/AOS Awarded by the Houston Judging Center at a special judging hosted by the Houston Orchid Society, 4 October 2007.
Plant had three flowers on a single, short, pendent inflorescence.
Owned by David Hunt, Houston, Texas. Award photo by Jim Butler.

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Web References:

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Classification of nothospecies: Stanhopea x fowlieana on GBIF Portal [Global Biodiversity Information Facility]

Photo of Stanhopea x fowlieana by Ingrid: Photo of flower, German website.

Zayra Rodríguez de Salazar, Ana M. Castillo González, and Efraín Lizano Madriz "LA SUB-TRIBU STANHOPEINAE," ACO webpage, Asociación Costariccense de Orquideologia

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