Stanhopea haselowiana

Reichenbach f. 1855

Native to Perú.

Updated 29 June 2007
© Nina Rach

Photo by Catherine Gengler

Original publication: Allg. Gartenz. 23:322 1855 (as "Haseloffiana");
Reichb. f. Xen. Orch. 1: 123, 196, t. 72. 1856.
Hook. f. Bot. Mag. 122: t. 7452. 1896.
Based on plants originally collected by J. Warszewicz.

Photo at left by Catherine Gengler.

Plants described by Schweinfurth (1960) as large and epiphytic...
"Flowers very large, with reflexed sepals and petals, white or pale gray (yellowish within) with pale and deep red-violet rings or spots. Dorsal sepal... nearly 8 cm. long and 3 cm. wide. Lateral sepals... slightly longer and considerably wider than the dorsal sepal, acute."

Stanhopea moliana is said to be intermediate in form between Stanhopea haseloviana and Stanhopea wardii.



Roque and León (2006) list this species for Cusco and San Martin Departments, where it grows at 1,000-2,000 m altitude.

Barney Greer (1998) describes this species: "A spectacular and nowadays rare species from Peru seldom seen in collections. Its 3 to 5 very large (to 14cms), heavy-textured flowers, displayed on a long peduncle, are cream-white or pale pink, with almost all-over red-purple spots. S. haseloviana comes from wet, tropical forests at around 1200 meters and is said to need "intermediate to warm conditions." Our plant seems to need the warm glasshouse in winter. The species is notable for its dramatic lip with long dotted epichile and almost straight hypochile."

One known hybrid: Stanhopea Louis Bernier (haseloviana x wardii), registered in 1970 by Marcel Lecoufle.

Printed References:

Barney Greer (Sept. 1998) The Astonishing Stanhopeas (the upside-down orchids). Sydney: Australian Orchid Foundation. 92 color pages, including 55 known species and five natural hybrids. [pp. 28-29, with full-page color photo]

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