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Stanhopea x horichiana

Jenny 1988

Native to Costa Rica.

Edited 18 January 2008
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This is a natural hybrid of Stanhopea (ecornuta wardii), found in Costa Rica.

This species has short, stubby horns, not more than elongated knobs. It resembles the primitive stanhopeas, which lack horns on either side of the lip that would restrict pollinators.

In the clone pictured at left, the white sepals and petals are covered with dark red spots, and the lip is richly colored, beginning with a golden hue at the base of the hypochile (in the center of the flower), changing to burnt orange at the outer hypochile/mesochile, reddish at the mesochile, and changing again to white along the length of the epichile, all covered with fine dark red spots and stipples. The column is greenish, stippled dark red, and shorther than the epichile. It appears to be a very attractive hybrid.

Named for Clarence Klaus Horich (1930-1994), a Costa Rican botanist who worked primarily with ferns, but also studied and published articles on stanhopeinae, sobralias and other orchid genera. His papers on stanhopeas were published in Die Orchidee (1974-93) and Orchid Digest (1974).

The photos below, by Kelvin Bush, show front and back views of flowers blooming at his UK greenhouse in November 2007. Note that the wide epichile obscures any view of the narrow horns.

Stanhopea x horichiana, by Kelvin Bush Stanhopea x horichiana, by Kelvin Bush


Stanhopea x horichiana, by Kelvin Bush

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Image on Wikimedia Commons: from an unnamed botanical garden.

ACO - Asociacion Costarricense de Orquideologia, La Sub-Tribu Stanhopinae

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