Stanhopea intermedia

Klinge 1898

Native to Mexico (and Central America?)

Edited 16 May 2007

photo by Kelvin Bush

Originally published in Trudy Imperatorskago S.-Peterburgskago Botaniceskago Sada. Acta horti petropolitani (abbr. Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada OR Act. Hort. Petrop.) 17: 142. 1898. Published by Johannes Christoph Klinge (1851-1902) near the end of his career.

McVaugh (1985) writes that this species is found in western Mexico "on trees and rocks, ravines in rather humid oak-pine forest or barranca forest, 900-1500m on the Pacific slope, flowering July-September."

Barney Greer writes that S. intermedia "is probably the Mexican Stanhopea most rarely seen in our collections. It has been notably misidentified as S. wardii var. flava, but is separated clearly from S. wardii... by its three-lobed epichile, the small sac on the base of the hypochile and its clear, unspotted yellow-to-orange colouration. Also, as Dr. Dodson pointed out in his 1963 AOS Bulletin study of the Mexican Stanhopeas, S. intermedia is extremely unusual in being recognizably different from other Stanhopea plants because of its "slightly flattened, nearly smooth pseudobulbs, short petiole and yellowish-green leaves."

Listed for Pihuamo, Mexico, in "Ordenamiento Ecologico Territorial de Estado de Jalisco: Grupo Flora" (Jan. 1998).

Synonym: Stanhopea wardii var. flava.

AOS Awards:

Stanhopea intermedia 'Diana Rose' HCC/AOS (78 pts)
February 27, 1994.
Seven flowers on one pendent inflorescence; sepals and petals canary yellow; lip buttercup yellow; column seafoam green, sidelobe of column peach, lower palatte [ibid.] cream-colored with fine rose spots; shape conforms to species. Natural spread of flower 10.0cm wide, 9.5cm vertical; ds 3.0cm w, 5.5cm l; pet 2.2cm w, 4.5cm l; ls 4.5cm w, 5.6cm l; lip 3.0cm w, 4.5cm l.
Awarded at Honolulu Regional Monthly Judging.
Exhibited by: Richard Thompson, Kaawa, Hawaii (940301). Published in the Awards Quarterly v. 25 (3), Autumn 1994, p. 164 with B&W photo.

Stanhopea intermedia 'Juquilla Mixes' CBR/AOS
Three flowers on one inflorescence; flowers clear pale yellow, very fragrant and pendent; lip with orange hypochileand mesochile. Natural spread of flower 11.8 cm; dorsal sepal 3.5 cm wide, 6.9 cm long; petals 1.9 cm wide, 5.5 cm long; lateral sepals 4.5 cm wide, 7.5 cm long; lip 3.5 cm wide, 5.5 cm long.
Awarded at the Great Lakes Regional Judging Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, on 20 August 1988. Exhibitor: Raymond McCullough, Livonia, Michigan

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"Ordenamiento Ecologico Territorial de Estado de Jalisco: Grupo Flora" (Jan. 1998) Universidad Guadalajara

Photo from the Netherlands; and here's a Closeup

Photos by Tennis Maynard of an unknown stanhopea, possibly intermedia.

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