Stanhopea jenischiana

F.Kramer ex Rchb.f. 1852

Native to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador

Edited 20 August 2007
© Nina Rach

jenishiana by Linda Petchnick

This species was first published under this name in Bot. Zeit. x. (1852) p.934.

The flowers are large, yellow, lightly spotted ot speckled with red, and nicely fragrant. Five to seven flowers per inflorescense; blooms in summer. It grows in intermediate conditions with bright-hazy light, and likes a slightly dry, cool, winter rest to flower well. However, this does not mean allowing the bulbs to shrivel or dessicate (nor should the leaves fall off!). Grows well on the Texas Gulf coast under 65% shade cloth.

The image at left depicts a watercolor by Linda Walsh Petchnick of Washington State. This is catalog no. 1913. See more of Ms. Petchnick's work at The Orchid Painter


This species has an interesting taxonomic history, with many prior names: < Epidendrum grandiflorum Humb. & Bonpl. 180_
Dendrobium grandiflorum (Humboldt & Bonpland) Swartz 1829
Anguloa grandiflora (Bonpl.) Kunth - Nov. Gen. Sp. [H.B.K.] i. 345.

Stanhopea jenischiana F.Kramer ex. Rchb.f. 1852
Stanhopea guttata Beer 1854
Stanhopea grandiflora (Bonpl.) Rchb. f. 1863
Stanhopea grandiflora var. jenischiana Rchb.f. 1863
John Lindley dubbed it Stanhopea bucephalus var. guttata, in 18__. In 1874, Eduard Regel moved it to Stanhopea bucephalus var. jenischiana and apparently also published it as Stanhopea bucephalus var. roezlii. In 1924, Rudolf Schlechter named a Colombian specimen of this species Stanhopea hoppii.

The plant illustrated below was grown and photographed by Mark Srull:

Stan. jenischiana by Mark Srull Stan. jenischiana by Mark Srull










Stanhopea jenishiana by Marc Philippe

This species is pollinated by the Eulaema bomboides bee.


The image at right is from Marc Phillipe's Orchid Homepage [in French]



Hybrids of Stanhopea jenischiana:

Stanhopea Bird of Prey (jenischiana x nigroviolacea) -- registered at RHS in Q3 2003 by Woodland.

Stanhopea Gary Baker (Assidensis x jenischiana) -- reg. 1992 by Baker & Chantry (Woodinville, Washington).

Stanhopea ___ (jenischiana x connata) -- photo published in Jenny (Dec. 1993).

See: Stanhopea hybrid webpage.

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Web References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

Orquideas Colombianas y sus Polinizadores (Colombian Orchids and their Pollinators) [S. jenishiana = Eulaema bomboides]

Photo from Akerne Orchids, Belgium, of a plant from Ecuador

Photo from Bergstrom Orchids, Hawaii

Photo from Jitze Mud, Netherlands

Photo of a Peruvian plant, cultivated and photographed by Alfredo Manrique

The Stanhopea Gallery from the Peruvian Orchid Society

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