Stanhopea leucochila


Native to Brazil.

Edited 31 May 2007
© Nina Rach


Not valid under this name. This species is properly known as Stanhopea insignis var. leucochila Lemaire.


Printed References:

Kraenzlin (19__)

Guido F.J. Pabst and F. Dungs (1977) Orchidaceae Brasiliensis. Book [Band] II. Hildesheim: Brucke-Verlag Kurt Schmersow. [113. Stanhopeas (nos. 1678-1684), in color: Stanhopea guttulata, insignis (2), lietzei (4), oculata, candida (randii), grandiflora (eburnea); Stanhopeas, in text, no color: Stanhopea leucochila, oculata]

Web References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI], - not listed as Stanhopea leucochila, see insignis.

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