Stanhopea oculata

(Lodd.) Lindley 1832

Native from Mexico to Brazil

Edited 11 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea oculata by C.W. Harrison, 1838

Stanhopea oculata (Lodd.) Lindley 1832

The flowers of this species have a strong, sweet vanilla scent, and are creamy-white with circular purple spots. They are approximately 4" across and emerge from the bottom of the basket. The plants have 2"-high pseudobulbs, each topped with 16" leaf. This species was featured in a beautiful color photo on the back of the April 2000 issue of Orchids magazine, accompanying an article by Charles Marden Fitch ("Fragrant Orchids", pp.322-333)

El Salvador sighting: Rene Mario Mendoza mentioned that he "saw it some years ago in the national park "Bosque de Montecristo", a forest reserve at the northern side of that small country, very rich in temperate/cold climate species."

The image at right depicts a hand-colored engraving that was published in 1838 in "The Floricultural Cabinet and Florist's Magazine," vol. 6, by Joseph Harrison. It was published by Whittaker & Co., London, featuring engraving by Alfred Adlard. The original print measures 5.25" by 8.5". An illustration labeled Stanhopea oculata is featured at the top, and the other two species depicted at bottom are Chorizema cordata and Mimulus harrisonia.

Synonyms: This species has also been known as Stanhopea bucephalus



Stanhopea Bellearensis (insignis x oculata) -- reg. 1896 by Martin

Stanhopea DiPozzi Capriccio (platyceras [madouxiana] x oculata) -- reg. in 2003 by Fl. Edmondo Pozzi

Stanhopea Eye Eye Eye (panamensis x oculata) -- reg. in 2002 by Doug Pulley (California)

Stanhopea Grad Nite (oculata x Assidensis) -- reg. 1995 by Doug Pulley (California)

Stanhopea x lewisae Ames & Correll -- Natural hybrid: ecornuta x oculata, published in: Botanical Museum Leaflets Harvard Univ. x. 86 (1942); named for collector Margaret Lewis in Guatemala.

Stanhopea Penelope (ecornuta x oculata) -- reg. 1968 by Hey

Stanhopea Peter Grinnell (oculata x graveolens) -- reg. 1997 by Carl Withner (P. Grinnell)

Stanhopea Ronsard (wardii x oculata) -- reg. 1989 by Marcel Lecoufle (France) [also a Nat. Hyb.]

Stanhopea Spindleriana (oculata x tigrina) -- reg. 1890 by Spindler

Stanhopea Uli Paterny (oculata x martiana) -- reg. 1994 by H.J. Jung

Coryhopea Freckle Face (Coryanthes elegantium x Stanhopea oculata) -- reg. 1989 by Tropica Garten Center (Germany)

Coryhopea Wistman's Wood (Coryanthes speciosa x Stanhopea oculata) -- reg. 1984 by Burnham Nurseries

AOS Awards:

Stanhopea oculata C.C.C./AOS (Cert. of Cultural Commendation) 10/1936, in Register of Awards, pg. 16.

Stanhopea oculata 'Los Pocitos' JC/AOS, 10/11/1974, Mexico, D.F. Exhibitor: Sterling Dickinson, San Miguel Allende, Mexico. In AQ 7/8P.

Stanhopea oculata 'Oaxaca' JC/AOS, 8/16/1980, Ann Arbor, Michigan Exhibitor: Raymond McCullough, Livonia, MI. In AQ 12/219P

Stanhopea oculata 'Eye Doc' A.M./AOS (80 pts), 9/20/1988, Oakland, CA. Click for photo of this clone
"Four flowers and 12 buds on four inflorescences; flower cream-color; sepals and petals heavily spotted maroon, center of some lighter in color; mesochile of lip light cream-color with two maroon stripes, hypochile golden yellow with two black eyes, epichile speckled with very small maroon spots; plant very well grown with larger than average flowers. Natural spread of flower 14.6 cm; dorsal sepal 4.2 cm wide,8.6 cm long; petals 1.9 cm wide, 7.6 cm long; lateral sepals 5.1 cm wide, 8.5 cm long; lip 3.6 cm wide, 8.0 cm long." Awarded at the Pacific Central Regional Monthly Judging. Exhibitor: Douglas B. Pulley, M.D., Los Gatos, California

Stanhopea oculata 'Betty-Ann' A.M./AOS (81 pts), 8/1997, in AQ 29/52C.

Stanhopea oculata 'Jane' C.C.M./AOS (89 pts), 8/1999, in AQ 31/79C.

Stanhopea oculata 'Rick Heeseler' A.M./AOS (85 pts), 9/1999, in AQ 31/79

Stanhopea oculata -- This is an unawarded clone grown in Key West, Florida; photo by Jay Pfahl from Jay's Orchid Species Photo Page


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Additional images of Stanhopea oculata on the web:

Orchid of the Day: Stanhopea oculata, 22 Aug 2002 [Santa Barbara Orchid Estate]

Photo by Marty Epstein, member of the New Hampshire Orchid Society.

Stanhopea oculata flower opening sequence, also by Marty Epstein, July 13 2000. Great!

Photo by Troy Meyers, Meyers Conservatory

Photo from the Orchid Connection, San Diego, California
From SunSITE Japan: 505k image

Storczyki from Poland: Stanhopea oculata #1 (side view); Stanhopea oculata #2 (front view), photo by M. Wielicki

From Darmstadt, Germany: Stanhopea oculata (text in German)

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