Stanhopea platyceras

Reichenbach f. 1868

Native to Colombia
Edited 15 May 2007

Stanhopea playceras, photo by G. Gerlach

This very beautiful Colombian species is rarely seen in cultivation. Synonym: Stanhopea madouxiana Cogniaux ex Claes.

The plant pictured at left was grown at the Munich Arboretum and photographed by Dr. Guenther Gerlach.

It has received two AOS flower quality awards, and has been used in five hybrids registered with the RHS:
Stanhopea Augres (connata x platyceras);
Stanhopea Chocolate Vision (madouxiana x Spindleriana);
Stanhopea DiPozzi Capriccio (platyceras [madouxiana] x oculata);
Stanhopea La Fontaine (saccata x madouxiana);
and Coryhopea Gar-Land-Uz (Coryanthes bruchmuelleri x Stanhopea platyceras).

The images below were taken by Pedro Glucksmann on 5 March 2001 of a plant flowering in his collection in Caracas. We appreciate his support and permission to use the photos here.

Stanhopea playceras by Pedro Glucksmann Stanhopea playceras by Pedro Glucksmann









AOS Awards:

Stanhopea platyceras 'Diana' AM/AOS (84 pts)
Awarded at the Pereira International Orchid Show, Pereira, Colombia, 17 August 1995.
Exhibited by Diana Ramirez de Navarro, Manizales, Caldes, Colombia, S.A.

Two flowers and three buds on one inflorescence; sepals and petals old ivory with burgundy spots throughout; epichile and hypochile also old ivory color with burgundy spots coalescing on the hypochile and striated on the inside of the hypochile; column light chartreuse with same burgundy spots.
Natural spread 5.6 cm wide x 15.3 vertical; dorsal sepal 4.5 cm wide x 8.5 cm long; petals 2.8 cm wide x 7.4 cm long; lateral sepals 5.2 cm wide x 9.6 cm long; lip 3.2 cm wide x 8.2 cm long.
Stanhopea platyceras "Villa Andrea" AM/AOS
Awarded at the 23rd International Exposition, Manizales, Colombia, 15 April 1999.
Exhibited by Socrates Forero Beltran.

Stanhopea playceras, 1884 lithograph from The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening
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