Stanhopea pozoi

Dodson & Bennett 1989

Native to Ecuador and Peru

Edited 15 May 2007

photo by Patricia Harding

Original publication: Icones Plantarum Tropicarum fasc. 2, t. 177. 1989.
Large, fragrant, yellow-orange, waxy flowers with with red-brown blotches or "eyes" on lip. Intermediate grower.

The type for this species was found in the Morona-Santiago Province of Amazonian Ecuador, presumably from 500-1000 m altitude.



AOS Award:

Stanhopea pozoi 'Barrick' CBR/AOS [provisional], awarded 9 March 2003 at the Cherry City Orchid Society Show, Salem, Oregon [Pacific Northwest Judging Center team]. Owners: Judy and Brad Barrick, Barrick Orchids, Oregon City, Oregon. - BUT... this plant was ultimately identified as Stanhopea peruviana.

Printed References:

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Web References:

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New York Botanical Garden, Flora of Parque Nacional Amboro-Liliopsida [Stanhopea candida, hajekii, pozoi, vasquezii]

Stanhopea pozoi -- Photo by Bill Bergstrom.

"Growing Orchids in the Southern Hemisphere" - article published in Orchids magazine by Roger Williams (American Orchid Society website).

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