Stanhopea x thienii

Natural hybrid

Dodson 1980

Native to Ecuador.

Edited 10 May 2007
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Photo needed photo by Christian Ziegler

Stanhopea thienii is thought to be a natural hybrid of Stanhopea impressa and Stanhopea annulata. The natural hybrid has thus far been found only in Ecuador, although both of the parent species are also found in Colombia. Stanhopea x thienii is the only known natural hybrid involving Stanhopea impressa.

Calaway Dodson (1975) wrote that Stanhopea impressa and Stanhopea annulata are both pollinated by the bee Euglossa grantii (typical euglossine bee photo at right by Christian Ziegler).

Leonard B. Thien

Dodson named this hybrid for its co-discoverer, Dr. Leonard B. Thien (photo at right).

Thien was at the University of Wisconsin, received a Ph.D. (1968) from the University of California, and is a Professor in the Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology at Tulane University, where he studies evolution and molecular systematics using a combination of PCR, nucleotide sequencing, and morphometric analysis. His other areas of interest include ant-plant interactions, reproductive biology of primitive angiosperms, and ecology of the Mississippi delta ecosystem. Dr. Thien teaches General Biology, Molecular Biology, and Advanced Molecular Biology.

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