Stanhopea tigrina

Bateman ex Lindley 1838

Native to Mexico

Edited 16 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea tigrina Bateman ex Lindley

Published by James Bateman in Orchidaceae of Mexico & Guatemala t. 7. 1838.

This is a wonderful species to grow, for the large, fragrant, highly-colored flowers with very good substance. The flowers are borne on short, pendant inflorescences. Blooms in the summer time, generally in August-September in Texas. Although sometimes cited as a cool-grower, it appears to do fine in warm and intermediate conditions. Very dominant in hybrids, providing color, fragrance, substance, and size.
There is debate over whether the darker colored Stanhopea nigroviolacea is actually just a variety of Stanhopea tigrina. For hybrid registration purposes, the R.H.S accepts only Stanhopea tigrina and Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea. Both are known from Mexico.

19th C. lithograph of Stanhopea tigrina from Lindenia

Above, a lithograph published in The Lindenia, 1886.

Stanhopea tigrina lithograph

Stanhopea tigrina 'Glory of Mexico' AM/AOS (84 pts)
Exhibited by George Soloyanis, East Berlin, Pennsylvania
Awarded at the National Capitol Orchid Society Show, Alexandria, Virginia, on 25 September 1986.
Two large flowers on one inflorescence; sepals and petals yellow, heavily overlaid on inner halves with intense oxblood brown; lip pale yellow, with light speckling of reddish brown, more intensely marked with reddish brown blotches on inner portions; form and color superb.
Natural spread of flower 14.5 cm; dorsal sepal 4.7 cm wide, 9.4 cm long; petals 2.2 cm wide, 9.2 cm long; lateral sepals 7.2 cm wide,8.0 cm long; lip 5.8 cm wide,7.2 cm long.

Stanhopea tigrina 'Jungle Fright' AM/AOS (82 pts)
Exhibited by Sue & Don Eloe, Denver, Colorado
Awarded on 8 July 1994.
Natural spread of flower 15.0 cm.

Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea 'Predator' FCC/AOS (90 pts)
[See the webpage on Stanhopea nigroviolacea]

Exhibited by Neal Crosswhite, Garden Grove, California.
Awarded at the Pacific South Regional Supplemental Monthly Judging, Long Beach, California, on 24 June 1996.
Ten shapely and stunning flowers on five pendant inflorescences; sepals and petals waxy ivory with a contrasting layer of oxblood-black over basal two-thirds; squid-like lip with dark brown-black hypochile, mesochile and epichile cream-ivory with burgundy-rose spots.
Natural spread 14.5 cm horiz. x 17.3 cm vertical; dorsal sepal 4.0 cm wide x 9.6 cm long; petals 2.0 cm wide x 8.0 cm long; lateral sepals 5.5 cm wide x 8.0 cm long; lip 7.8 cm wide x 5.8 cm long. [B&W photo in Awards Quarterly Vol. 28, Number 1 - 1997, pg. 74]

Hybrids of Stanhopea tigrina:

Coryhopea Wojis Procrastinator (Crths. macrantha x Stan. tigrina)

Stangora Quetzaquatl (Gga. chocoensis x Stan. tigrina) - Reg. Q4 2006 by Hoosier (L. Glicenstein).

Stanhopea Assidensis (tigrina x wardii) - reg. 1922 by Goldschmidt

Stanhopea Chocolate Chips (tigrina x panamensis) -- reg. 1992 by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea Frog Princess (April Fool x tigrina) -- reg. 1998 by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea Goldschmidtiana (saccata x tigrina) -- reg. 1914 by Faulhaber

Stanhopea Hesperides (inodora x tigrina) -- reg. 1946 by Stirling

Stanhopea Jungle Cat (longipes x tigrina) -- reg. 1995 by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea King Kong (tigrina x gibbosa) -- reg. 1998 by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea Love Potion (connata x tigrina) -- reg. 1992 by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea Memoria Paul Allen (ecornuta x tigrina) -- reg. 1968 by W.W. Goodale Moir

Stanhopea Shinjik (saccata x tigrina) -- reg. 1923 by Tokyo Botanic Garden

Stanhopea Spindleriana (oculata x tigrina) -- reg. 1890 by Spindler

Stanhopea tigolens (tigrina x graveolens) -- reg. Q2 2002 by R. Mason (originator Unknown)

Stanhopea Verhoffiana (insignis var. flava x tigrina) -- after Verhoff

Stanhopea Victory (Love Potion x tigrina) -- reg. 1998 by Doug Pulley

Stanhopea Wolteriana (martiana x tigrina) -- after Sander List of Orchid Hybrids done by P. Wolter, 1905

Stanhopea Wolteriana (tigrina x insignis) -- after Schlechter in Orchis 8:108 (1914).

Stanhopea Wolteriana var. Goldschmidtiae (tigrina x Wolteriana) -- after Schlechter in Orchis 8:108 (1914).

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Web References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

Stanhopea tigrina on stamps

Nathan Walpow's Stanhopea tigrina [perhaps it's Stan. nigroviolacea]

From Hungary: Tigris orchidea

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