Stanhopea warscewicziana

Klotzsch 1852

Native to Costa Rica (and Panama?)

Edited 11 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea warscewiczii by P. Glucksmann

Stanhopea warscewicziana Klotzsch 1852

Original publication:

This species is found in the Atlantic (Caribbean) lowlands of Costa Rica, from sea level up to ~1000 m (3000 ft) elevation. Dressler writes: "Hypochile globose in profile; [color] greenish cream, horns and epichile white, base of lip may have dark purple eyes, column and epichile may be speckled with red."

In Houston, this species grows very well outside under 65% shade cloth, brought into the greenhouse in the winter, and blooms in June.

Barney Greer mentions that this species "grows huge and lush... in the wet tropical jungles of Costa Rica." In Australia, it grows best in his warm glasshouse "down to 14 deg.C (55 deg. F) ...with up to eight flowers per inflorescence." It is featured on the cover of his book, "The Astonishing Stanhopeas."

Stanhopea warscewiczii by Gerlach Photo at left provided by Pedro Glucksmann (blooming in Sept 2000 in Caracas, VZ).

Andres Maduro thinks this species is also native to Panama. "Very large short-lived fragrant blooms on a pendent inflorescence. Large leaves. Grow warm-intermediate, with moderately bright light, evenly moist."

Photo at right was provided by Dr. Guenter Gerlach, Munich Botanical Garden, Germany.

One AOS award:

Stanhopea warscewicziana 'Flor Acosta' CHM/AOS
in: Awards Quarterly - Vol. 22 - No. 4 - Winter 1991, B&W photo.

Printed References:

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-- A statistical analysis of floral colorsss in four spp. of Stanhopea occurring in Costa Rica results in refined characterizations. A key (based mainly on flower colors) is provided to distinguish the spp. studied (Stanhopea costaricensis Rchb. f., S. gibbosa Rchb. f., S. wardii Lodd. ex Lindl., and S. warscewicziana Klotzsch).

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Web References:

International Plant Names Index (IPNI),

Review of Barney Greer's book with cover photo of Stanhopea warscewicziana.

Photo of Stanhopea warscewicziana at Akerne Orchids in Belgium

Photo of this species from Maduro's Tropical Flowers of Panama, at the Woodstream Orchids website.

Photo #1 of this species by the late Jitze Mud, Netherlands. Photo #2 is very large and may take time to open.

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