Photo by Nina Rach

Coryhopea Cutucu

(Coryanthes speciosa x Stanhopea florida)

Edited 21 June 2009
© Nina Rach

This intergeneric cross of Coryanthes speciosa x Stanhopea florida was registered by Ecuagenera on 20 September 2006.

Plants prefer to grow wet in warm, humid conditions, and bloom prolifically from June. There are typically 3-4 flowers per pendant inflorescence.

Stan. florida


Stanhopea florida, photo by __ at right, is found from __to __. Coryanthes speciosa is found in ___. The flowers of this Coryanthes species are ___and can grow quite large, up to the size of a grapefruit.



Coryhopea Cutucu by Ecuagenera


AOS Awards:

Coryhopea Cutucu 'Autre Vie' AM/AOS 82 pts. Awarded at the Houston Judging Center on 20 June 2009. Exhibited by Nina Rach. Photographed by Malcom McQuorodale.
Three golden yellow flowers with fine burgundy stipples on one pendent inflorescence; lip hypochile apricot, held vertically. Strong, spicy mtnhol scent. Nat. spr. __ cm, __ cm vert; ds __ cm wide, __ cm long; pet __ cm w, ___ cm l; ls ___ cm w, ___ cm l; lip ___ cm w, __ cm l."

Coryhopea Cutucu '__' HCC/AOS 82 pts. Awarded at ___ on __ 2008. Photographed by ___. Exhibited by ____.
"_____. Nat. spr. 15.0 cm, 9.0 cm vert; ds 3.0 cm w, 7.7 cm l; pet 1.4 cm w, 6.0 cm l; ls 3.5 cm w; 9.8 cm l; lip 4.7 cm w, 8.5 cm l."

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Coryanthes macrantha from Peru, at Akerne Orchids in Belgium

Coryanthes macrantha with view down into the heavily spotted "pouch"-like hypochile.

Coryanthes macrantha by R.K. Gems (several different views)

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