Stanhopea Bellearensis

( insignis x oculata)

Edited 15 May 2007
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1896 Chromolithograph of Stanhopea Bellearensis

Stanhopea Bellaerensis

Bears pendent flowers of solid golden yellow to orange.

This early Stanhopea hybrid was first published as "Stanhopea bellaerensis Hort." in the Gard. Chron. in 1895, p. 100. It was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 1896 by Martin. It was featured in the French publication, Revue Horticole - Journal D'horticulture, in that same year, as illustration #10, a chromolithograph (pictured at left).

Copies of the lithograph are available from First Rays Orchids, under "Artwork".

Some more information about Revue Horticole, which featured a total of 73 orchids (71 published from 1873-1910, and two additional in 1920):
"The Ending of the nineteenth century produced magnificent publications brought about through the impetus of botanical exploration, which reached its peak just before the turn of the century. The body of art and science were tightly interwoven. It was a time when the natural sciences spawned the most artful expression of the printer's craft ever achieved. Painters of flowers are perhaps more numerous than painters of birds. Certainly, their folios of original paintings and drawings are in every herbarium, such as Kew in England, the queen of the world's herbaria. The last quarter of the nineteenth century gave rise to the development of the many -stone chromolithographic process in which as many as 20 different litho stones or color separations had to be prepared. A botanical publication which rivaled others of the era was REVUE HORTICOLE published in Paris, France, founded in 1829 by the authors of "du Bon Jardinier" The publishers had witnessed from personal experience that collectors of botanical art refused to buy folio pictures of unassuming plants but felt that they would subscribe to an octavo work which pictured the showy plants that filled their gardens; from this premise was born REVUE HORTICOLE - Journal D'horticulture."

One of the famous artists for this publication was Paul de Longpre (b. Lyon, France, 1855; d. Hollywood, CA), but his 46 floral renditions appeared in Revue Horticole between 1888 and 1892, which was before this Stanhopea was published.

Other Stanhopea hybrids made with Stanhopea insignis include Stanhopea Thunder Bird (insignis x tigrina), Stanhopea Verhoffiana (insignis var. flava x tigrina), and Stanhopea Wolteriana (tigrina x insignis).
See the webpage on Stanhopea hybrids.


___ (1895) "Stanhopea bellaerensis Hort.," in: Gard. Chron. ii: 100.

Martin (1896) "Stanhopea Bellearensis," in: Revue Horticole - Journal D'horticulture, illus. 10.

Kew Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, Vol. 4 (1900). Described as "A garden hybrid between S. insignis and S. oculata." Link to page view

Orchid Societies Council of Victoria Inc. (OSCOV) award to this hybrid:

Stanhopea Bellearensis 'Hot Stuff' HCC/OSCOV, awarded 18 February 1997; exhibited by Paradisia Orchids.

Photos of Stanhopea Bellaerensis at Webshots.

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