Stanhopea deltoidea

Lemaire 1862

Native to Perú and Bolivia.

Edited 29 June 2007
© Nina Rach

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According to Dr. Rudolf Jenny, this is "a very seldom seen and cultivated taxon, locally endemic in the Chanchamayo Valley in Perú... The flowers of Stanhopea deltoidea are usually red spotted on creamy or yellow ground with a dark red blotch on the hypochile base... Unfortunately, nothing is known about the fragrance composition and pollinator..."

The nearest related species is Stanhopea marizaiana, a species described in mid-2003.


Photos from Erica Morón de Abad, BiOrquidTropic Perú Lab.

Junín Department

According to Roque and León (2006), it's found in Junín Department, central Perú, at 1,450 m elevation.



R. Govaerts (2003) also lists this species for Bolivia.



In cultivation, grower Bruce Blyth noted that it grows as a medium-sized plant in a temperature range 50-90°F. The flowers do not have a noticeable fragrance, and "the petals fold backwards under the lateral sepals instead of over the dorsal sepal."



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Web References:

International Plant Names Index [IPNI],

Galería de Orquídeas Peruanas. Photos of Stanhopea deltoidea by Bruce W. Blyth: Side-front view of flower and Photo of back of lip.

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