Photo by Isaias Rolando

Stanhopea marizaiana

Jenny 2003

Native to Dept. Cuzco, Peru.

Edited 22 January 2008
© Nina Rach

Dr. Rudolf Jenny published this new species in August 2003. It is closely related to Stanhopea deltoidea, locally endemic to the Chanchamayo Valley in Peru, Cusco Dept.

The two species have identical mesochiles and epichiles. The main difference is the shape and size of the hypochile. According to Jenny, the hypochile of Stanhopea marizaiana is "large and broad as the mesochile [horns]." By comparison, the hypochile of Stanhopea deltoidea is small and narrow, approximately 1/3 the width of the mesochile.

Plants are smaller and compact growing, usually with rounded leaves, growth habit similar to Stanhopea posadae.

Photo by Isaias Rolando

The original plant was noticed by Isaias Rolando, an orchidist from Lima, Peru, responsible for the useful and informative Peruvian Orchid Club website, The plant was collected in November 2001 by Moises Quispe at an altitude of 1800-2200 m. It bloomed in Fall 2002, and the flowers were 11-12 cm across. Jenny describes the flowers as beige, with sepals and petals uniformly covered with small, red to red-brown spots. The inside of the hypochile is red, and the horns and epichile are covered with speckles, rather than spots.

This species is named for Mariza Rolando, wife of Isaias, who passed away in 2002.

Photos courtesy of (and ©) Isaias Rolando.

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Photo by Isaias Rolando

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