Stanhopea embreei

Dodson 1975

Native to Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, and the Andes

Edited 9 May 2007

Stanhopea embreei from Pedro Glucksmann

Stanhopea embreei Dodson

Etymology: This species is named for Alvin Embree, an American orchidologist. A typical inflorescense will have 3-7 pale yellow to white flowers with reddish-brown speckles and possibly an eye spot. Note the very delicate horns, much shorter than the epichile.

The original description is of a plant from Ecuador. It is found in wet, montane cloud forest of that country in Chimborazo and Canar provinces.


The photo at left was provided by Mr. Pedro Glucksmann of Caracas, Venezuela.



Stanhopea embreei buds, photo N. Rach

Photo at right of three developing inflorescences,
by Nina Rach, Sept 2003.


Stanhopea embreei 'Pamela' CBR/AOS
Awarded at the Acadian Orchid Society Show, Lafayette, Louisiana, 27 April 1996.
Exhibited by Russell and Pamela Keaton, Bogalusa, LA.

Three cream-colored flowers on one pendent inflorescence; recognized for unusual form; petals tightly rolled behind dorsal sepal; hypochile apricot gold with a large burgundy eye on each side, epichile cream-colored, heavily spotted burgundy; column cream-colored, green basally; substance heavy; texture waxy; five pseudobulbs with single plicate leaves, grown in fir bark in a teak basket.
Natural spread 3.0 cm wide x 14.0 vertical; dorsal sepal 2.8 cm wide x 7.1 cm long; petals 1.9 cm wide x 6.0 cm long; lateral sepals 3.0 cm wide x 7.0 cm long; lip 2.9 cm wide x 6.5 cm long.


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Stanhopea embreei from the collection of the Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno, Czech Republic.

Photo of Stanhopea embreei by Troy Meyers, courtesy of Meyers Conservatory

Plant in cultivation at Akerne Orchids, from Ecuador

Photo from Bergstrom Orchids

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