Photo by Dick Hartley, Foxdale Orchids, UK

Stanhopea x herrenhusana

Jenny 1989

Native to Colombia.

Edited 23 January 2008
© Nina Rach

This natural hybrid of Stanhopea reichenbachiana Roezl ex Rchb.f. Stanhopea tricornis Lindl. was first published by Rudolf Jenny in 1989.

This is a cross of two nearly hornless species, labeled by Robert Dressler as "primitive" stanhopeas.

Both parents are creamy white and have excellent substance. Stanhopea tricornis subsp. stenocheila has dark red spotting or stippling at the base of the petals and sepals, which can be seen in its progeny, at left. Note that the petals of x herrenhusana no longer envelop the lip and column, as they do in the tricornis parent, but they do retain the color flare sometimes seen on the tips of petals in tricornis.
Photo by Dick Hartley, Foxdale Orchids, UK

Photo at left by Dick Hartley, Foxdale Orchids, UK.

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Two photos by Dick Hartley, Foxdale Orchids, of Stanhopea x herrenhusana

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