Stanhopea reichenbachiana

Roezl ex Rchb.f. 1879

Native to Colombia

Edited 25 June 2007
© Nina Rach

Stanhopea reichenbachiana photo by Carlos A. Acevedo

A warm-growing Colombian species with beautiful ivory white, waxy flowers, often mistaken for Stanhopea candida, Stanhopea grandiflora, or Stanhopea inodora.

This species was originally described by the younger Reichenbach and renamed by Benedikt Roezl. Synonymns include: Stanhopea amesiana Hort, Stanhopea lowii Rolfe, and possibly Stanhopea suavis Ospina.

The photos at left and below were taken in "Farallones de Cali", Valle del Cauca, Colombia, by Carlos Acevedo. The plants were being cultivated as terrestrials in the AnchicayŠ region.

Stanhopea reichenbachiana photo by Carlos A. Acevedo

In the photo at right, note the plants being grown behind the log, and the inflorescence which has emerged on the front side of the log.


See the webpage about primitive stanhopeas. Stanhopea reichenbachiana is not considered one of the primitives, but it has very abbreviated horns. Based on the open lip morphology which does not restrict the size or shape of pollinating bees, it would be expected to form natural hybrids.

AOS Awards:

Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Juanambu' AM/AOS (85 pts)
Awarded at the show in Cali, Columbia, on 17 March 1995. Exhibited by Orquideas Del Valle, Cali, Colombia. Natural spread of flower 13.3 cm.
B&W photo in: AOS Awards Quarterly - Vol. 26 - No. 3 - Autumn 1995, p. 162.

Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Tanambi' AM/AOS (84 pts)
Awarded at the Pereira International Orchid Show, Pereira, Colombia, 17 August 1995. Exhibited by Gustavo Rios, Pereira, Colombia
Two flowers on one inflorescence; sepals and petals clear ivory without any spots; hypochile and epichile ivory with dark cerise spots interiorly radiating in lines; column celery green with ivory wings; substance good; texture of sepals and petals matte, hypochile glossy, column waxy.
Natural spread 10.5 cm x 12.0 cm vertical; dorsal sepal 4.0 cm wide x 7.9 cm long; petals 3.0 cm wide x 6.9 cm long; lateral sepals 5.0 x 7.8 cm long; lip 3.9 cm wide x 6.1 cm long.
[No picture in Awards Quarterly, Vol. 27, Number 1 - 1996]

Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'KG's Falling Angel' AM/AOS
B&W photo in: AOS Awards Quarterly - Vol. 32 - No. 1 - March 2001, p. 50.
Color photo in: Orchids (July 2003), p. 521.
Color photo on web at:

Stanhopea reichenbachiana 'Lil' AM/AOS
B&W photo in: AOS Awards Quarterly - Vol. 25 - No. 1 - Spring 1994, p. 48.

Stanhopea reichenbachiana [awarded as Stanhopea inodora 'Matthew Droza' AM/AOS]
Color photo on cover of Orchids (December 2002).

Stanhopea reichenbachiana
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And yet another photo, from Ian Walters, Orchids Online:

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