Puno Department

Stanhopea manriqueii

Jenny & Nauray 2004

Native to Perú (Puno Dept.)

Edited 23 January 2008
© Nina Rach

Photo from Piping Rock Orchids

This new species was described in 2004 by Rudolf Jenny and William Nauray, and published in the journal Lankesteriana.

It was named for Alfredo Manrique, past-president of Club Peruano de Orquídeas (2001-05) and owner of Centro de Jardineria Manrique, Lima, since 1979. Manrique is an agronomist from Universidad Agraria la Molina, Lima, and is perhaps better-known for his association with Phragmipedium kovachii than for this new stanhopea species.

The flowers are a deep golden yellow, evenly spotted dark red, with red flush on hypochile.

Roque and León (2006) say this species is found in Puno Department.
On the map of Perú, upper right, the location of Puno Department is highlighted, in the far south of the country.
It was catalogued by David Benett as B-7988, and soon suspected to be a new species. It is similar to the Peruvian species, David Benett Stanhopea haselowiana and the Central American species Stanhopea inodora.

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