Stanhopea panamensis

N.H. Williams & W.M. Whitten

Edited 15 May 2007

Stanhopea panamensis OIC#8481 Stanhopea panamensis OIC#8481

Stanhopea panamensis
Williams & Whitten

This species has a strong mint scent and showy, cream-colored flowers with reddish spots.

The photos at left and right were provided by Adam Taylor. The plant carries OIC #8481.


Original publication: Williams, Norris H. and Mark Whitten. 1988. Stanhopea panamensis, a new species from central Panama (Orchidaceae). Lindleyana 3(1): 9-11.

"Epiphyte in cloud forest... elev. ca. 900 meters. Flowered in cultivation...Pseudobulbs ovoid, monophyllous; flowers creamy white with basal half of hypochile and base of sepals and petals yellow; sparsely spotted with red-purple."

Stanhopea panamensis at AOS


The flower at left is one of four flowers on an inflorescence from a first-bloom seedling. It was originally from Panama, now growing in a four-inch net pot at AOS Headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. Photo contributed by Armando Daniel Betancourt, taken early July 2003.

The horizontal natural spread of this flower is a whopping 23.5 cm!


For another photo of this same flower, with the lip in profile, please click here. [large file, may load slowly]


Hybrids using Stanhopea panamensis (all registered by Doug Pulley, M.D.):

Stanhopea April Fool (connata x panamensis) -- reg. 1992
Stanhopea Chocolate Chips (tigrina x panamensis) -- reg. 1992
Stanhopea Eye Eye Eye (panamensis x oculata) -- reg. in 2002
Stanhopea Inca Chief (panamensis x longipes) -- reg. 1994
Stanhopea June Bride (panamensis x Assidensis) -- reg. 1995
Stanhopea Mormon Pioneer (gibbosa x panamensis) -- reg. 1994

Additional web references:

International Plant Names Indes [IPNI],

University of Florida: Stanhopea panamensis Holotypes: FLAS 165530 and FLAS 165531

Roger's Orchids, in Belgium: Stanhopea panamensis

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