Stanhopea randii

Rolfe 1894

Native to Brazil, Peru.

Edited 31 May 2007
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Originally published in Kew Gardens' Bulletin of Misc. Information, and attributed to Brazil. Later authors attribute the species to Peru.

This is an old name for the species, used by such prominent orchidists as Dunsterville and Garay, Hoehne, Pabst and Dungs, and Schweinfurth, although Pabst and Dungs suggest it is a synonym for Stanhopea candida.


There is one AOS award under this name:
Stanhopea randii ‘Diana’s Tabitha’ CHM/AOS 83 points. Awarded 11/10/2001 at the Niagara Region Show. Exhibited by Diana’s Orchids.


Printed References:

Robert Allen Rolfe (1894) "," in: Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, Royal Gardens, Kew: 363. [attributed to Brazil]

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Guido F.J. Pabst and F. Dungs (1977) Orchidaceae Brasiliensis. Book [Band] II. Hildesheim: Brucke-Verlag Kurt Schmersow. [113. Stanhopeas (nos. 1678-1684), in color: Stanhopea guttulata, insignis (2), lietzei (4), oculata, candida (randii), grandiflora (eburnea); Stanhopeas, in text, no color: Stanhopea leucochila, oculata]

Charles Schweinfurth (1960) "Orchidaceae, Orchids of Peru," in: Fieldiana, Botany 30(3): 533--786 [Lueddemannia; Lycomormium; Sievekingia; Peristeria; Houlletia; Polycycnis; Gongora; Stanhopea pp 606-612: Stanhopea anfracta (as wardii), connata, graveolens, Haseloviana, Moliana, peruviana (as wardii), Randii, tricornis, Wardii]

Charles Schweinfurth (April 1967) "Orchidaceae of the Guyana Highland," in: Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 14(3):69-214. [pp. 171-175: Acineta alticola; Peristeria; Houlletia; Paphinia; Polycycnis; Stanhopea grandiflora, Randii; Gongora atropurpurea, maculata]

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