Stanhopea napoensis

Dodson 1975

Native to Ecuador

Edited 15 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Photo by Kelvin Bush

Original publication by Calaway H. Dodson (1975) in: Selbyana, 1(2): 114--129.

Grows in the hot, humid, Amazonian lowlands of eastern Ecuador; Napo and Pichincha Provinces; 0-500 meters elevation. Discovered in 1963.

This rare, seldom seen plant has huge flowers up to 9-in. with distinctive markings and deep purple spotting coloration in the bowing hypochile.

Compare with Stanhopea platyceras.

Photo at left by Kelvin Bush.

AOS award:

Stanhopea napoensis 'RSK' CHM/AOS 85 pts.

Awarded 3/21/2003, San Diego County OS Show.
"Two flowers on one pendent inflorescence; sepals and petals cream-colored, peppered with clustered burgundy spots; lip mesochile deep velvet burgundy; substance very firm; texture crystalline; plant noted for being an interesting recently described species; origin Ecuador; identified by Calaway Dodson.
Nat. spr. 9.5 cm, 17.5 cm vert.; ds 4.6 cm w, 10.1 cm l; pet 3.4 cm w, 8.3 cm l; ls 6.5 cm w, 10.1 cm l; lip 3.5 cm w, 8.5 cm l."
Exhibitor: Ron Kaufmann, San Diego, CA. Published in AQ 35(1): 66, with B&W photo.

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Photo and description of Stanhopea napoensis from Tropical Orchid Farm [seedlings available].

Photo and description of Stanhopea napoensis 'Colombian Aloha' from Tropical Orchid Farm [seedlings available].

Notes on Stanhopea napoensis 'Colombian Aloha' by Erich Michel, Hoosier Orchids, Indianapolis. [15 May 2007 - noticed that this link is not working - will check into it.

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