Photo by Kelvin Bush

Stanhopea schilleriana

Rchb.f. 1870

Native to Colombia.

Edited 15 August 2008
© Nina Rach

Photo by Kelvin Bush

Photos provided by Kelvin Bush. His plant flowered in the UK in July 2008.


Sepals and petals are golden yellow, heavily spotted red; lip and column cream to white. Winged column shorter than epichile; hypochile single-hump.

Similar to Stanhopea shuttleworthii, and Stanhopea maculata.




Printed References:

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Rudolf Jenny (April 2004) "Stanhopea schilleriana Rchb.f. - An old name and a good species from Colombia," in: Orchids Australia 16(2): __.
"a well documented and illustrated article on the subtle differences between Stanhopea schilleriana, Stanhopea shuttleworthii, and Stanhopea maculata. There are seven illustrations, including drawings from the Reichenbach herbarium."

Rudolf Jenny (June 2004) "The Genus Stanhopea. Part 2: S. nigripes to S. xytriophora," in: Caesiana 22, Supplement, pp. 146-291. Color & B&W photos, line-drawings, Italian/English, covers __ species, bibliography, checklist.

Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (1870) "Stanhopea schilleriana," in: Xenia Orch. ii, p. 158.

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